Your Local Disposal Company


Can service days be customized?

At Hometown Disposal we try to make sure we run our routes as effective as possible, so we are not able customize service days to ensure that we keep our price as competitive as possible.


What time of day will our trash be picked up?

We recommend to all of our customers to place their trash out the night before to make sure it doesn’t get missed.  Though our service days should never change, pick up times could fluctuate from time to time to ensure that we are running our route as efficient as possible.


Does Hometown Disposal offer any incentives for new customer sign ups?

We prefer to offer all of our customers a competitive rate from the beginning.  All customers can earn a free month of service for every neighbor that you refer to use.


Why does Hometown Disposal not accept yard waste?

Yard Waste is not excepted at the Springfield Landfill.  You may disposal of your yard waste at the Yard Waste Recycling center.


What is the proper way to keep your cart free from odors?

We recommend you dispose of all of your trash in bags.  If your cart does start to have an odor clean it with ½ cup bleach mixed with 1 gallon of water.


What if all of my trash does not fit inside of my cart?

We allow up to 2 additional kitchen size bags per week.  If you are plan to have more than the allotted amount please call our office to ensure all of your trash gets picked up.


Can I put a large item such as a couch or bed out to be picked up?

We can take large item pickups if they are pre-arranged.  Please call our office at 417-869-9393 to discuss the pickup and to see if any additional fees apply.