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Parking Lot Sweeping

slide12Whether you are a small business owner, in charge of a sports complex, a real estate developer or parking garage owner. All businesses realize the importance of keeping their parking lots clean with a positive first impression. Caring for a property starts with its parking lot. Research has shown that parking lots that are regularly cleaned last longer and don’t need typical striping and seal coating as often. This has been proven to lower the overall cost of parking lot maintenance considerably.

Common Debris

No matter what, there will always be trash that ends up in a parking area as210-poly-broom well as leaves, sand, dirt, gravel and rocks depending on the landscape around the parking area as well as the conditions of the local terrain. Whatever the debris or however big the parking area, Hometown Disposal, offers a parking lot sweeping service to mean yours needs and to help keep your property looking its best.

We Understand Your Parking Lot Sweeping Needs

Worried about how it might affect your business? Don’t. Hometown Disposal, understands that each business is unique and can provide a customized, flexible sweeping schedule that will take into account your customers and your businesses normal operating hours

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